November 2, 2021

Getting to Know Michael Sayman: App Kid Extraordinaire

In the depths of the Great Recession, 13-year-old Michael Sayman took it on himself to step up and do what he could to support his family. One year and countless online coding tutorials later, he launched an iPhone app that was raking in thousands of dollars a month. That was just the beginning of his adventure in app development. While still in high school, Sayman developed the gaming app 4 Snaps, which reached the number one spot on the world games chart. That led to a job as Facebook’s youngest employee in history. From there (still only age 21), he went to work for Google as a Project Manager for the voice-based service, Assistant. Today, Sayman has returned to his gaming roots as a Senior Product Manager and Designer for Roblox.

On November 10, Sayman will join Cresset for an exclusive online event where he will share his incredible journey through the world of app development as told in his new memoir, “App Kid: How a Child of Immigrants Grabbed a Piece of the American Dream.”

October 1, 2021

CEO Founders: How To Defer Taxes When Selling A Business

The genesis behind the Opportunity Zone legislation traces back to an unlikely cohort of bipartisan lawmakers, conservatives and young philanthropic multi-billionaires. The engine behind the idea was Sean Parker, of Napster fame, the original president of Facebook, who a decade earlier approached a few senators from the states with the largest concentration of run-down neighborhoods and highest inner-city poverty rates.

October 1, 2021

CEO Founders: Do You Need a Family Office? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

As a CEO Founder, you’ve likely been so focused on growing your business and taking care of your team that your own finances and wealth planning have been pushed to the back burner. I can certainly relate to that. Before launching Cresset, I spent decades building successful businesses but found little time to take care of my own increasingly complex financial needs.